National School Meals Week (NSMW) is the one week of the year when the school catering industry celebrates all that is GREAT about school food. Each year has a different theme based on the issues that are relevant to the industry, pupils and parents at that time.

We know the importance nutrition plays in a child’s education, concentration and learning. School meals are regulated and contain important nutrients and vitamins to help development. Choosing a school lunch means that you will have more time in the mornings, limits the need to shop and prepare packed lunches and of course, gives you confidence your child is having a hot nutritious meal for a busy day of work and play.

NSMW 2022 plans to be announced soon, keep visiting to see how you can make the week a success. 

What happened in 2021?

NSMW 2021 was held 8th – 12th November. The main theme for 2021 was ‘The School Tucker Trial’ we wanted more students than ever to get back into the dining room enjoying hot lunches, younger students collected stars for each day of the week. There were fun themed events from ‘Mix it up Monday’ where caterers swapped to meat free alternatives, and ended with the ’School Food Challenge’ where children learnt where their food comes from.

Older students got involved by enjoying great school food, and took part in food trials and swapped to plant based dishes and products throughout the week.

To find out what happened through the week follow us on social media and take a look back over the week.

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Get involved all year round

School meals also contain more fresh, local food than ever before. Take a look at your school menu and you will usually find logos and accreditations about local and British produce. You can use this website all year round, you will find free resources, activities and recipe ideas which can help at meal times and help introduce your children to new tastes and flavours, visit the resource page here Many of the resources are for school caterers use, but you see some have been designed for parents also.

Keep checking back for more information on how you and your family can get involved in NSMW 2021. Regular updates will feature here as well