National School Meals Week (NSMW) is the one week of the year when the school catering industry celebrates all that is GREAT about school food. We know many school caterers enjoy supporting this week and we hope you will do the same again this year.

NSMW 2022 plans to be announced soon, keep visiting to see how you can make the week a success. 

What happened in 2021?

NSMW 2021 was held 8th – 12th November, local authorities, caterers and individual schools got involved.

The main theme for 2021 was ‘The School Tucker Trial’ more students than ever to got back into the dining room enjoying hot lunches, younger students collected stars for each day of the week. Fun themed events where planned from ‘Mix it up Monday’ where caterers will be swapped to meat free alternatives, and ended with the ’School Food Challenge’ where children found out where their food comes from. With lots of fun event in-between.

Secondary schools got involved by encouraging students to try new foods including new meat free options. Can you help us inspire young people to become passionate about what they eat? Keep promoting now the event is over.

Have a look at what happened on social media

Take a look back over the week and get inspired ready for NSMW 2022

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Promote school food all year round

You can use the website all year round, you will find free resources and activities and recipe ideas which can help with themed events, visit the resource pages for ideas. LACA have introduced a new themed calendar which can be used in addition to your planned events or used to create a sustained campaign. Visit the homepage for full details and have a browse through the resource bank.

Making theme days easy and fun

Theme days are easy to run and don’t need to cause extra time and expense. Tweaking existing menus, renaming dishes and adding activities which can be downloaded for free can make your event great fun and simple to run. Dressing up yourselves and the servery always adds fun to the day.

Use social media to promote school food

Most people use social media daily, so why use it for any promotion you are running. Use images of your food and events to capture attention, a picture says a 1000 words. Use hashtags and tag LACA on all posts. Encourage parents and staff members to share too. See above for details.