NSMW 2021 is past the half way post, and what a week it has been so far


National School Meals Week (NSMW) 2021 got off to a flying start

At the halfway point of NSMW 2021, we are delighted with everyone’s involvement to date – but it isn’t too late to get involved, let’s keep up the momentum.

As you will be aware, it has not been possible to get back out ‘on the road’ this year, so we are relying on everyone to share and promote their week online. As well as caterers choosing to run some, or all of the 5 new theme days, we have been visiting various locations on our ‘virtual tour’. There have been product launches in secondary schools from Hampshire in the south to North Yorkshire in the north, supported by many of the industries major food suppliers. Today is ‘Roast Dinner Day’, always a busy part of NSMW and you can see what colleagues have been doing on all the NSMW social media platforms. National Roast Dinner Day been championed by some of NSMW biggest supporters including Jeanette Orrey MBE, Soil Association, Love British Food, ProVeg UK, National Farmers Union, Sugarwise and many more. School Caterers have been promoting plant based products this year more than ever, looking at different ways to encourage children to enjoy vegetarian or vegan dishes.

What are you doing for NSMW? Please get involved on social media and read some of the great conversations that are going on around school food and the industry. One of the best quotes of the week so far has been ‘Not all superheroes wear capes, they wear aprons and chefs hats’. As part of NSMW, LACA has been thanking all the highly trained staff for their hard work over the past 18 months and beyond.

More than 30 education caterers have joined us online this week and over 25 suppliers, so if you haven’t told us what you are doing yet, please do get in touch and we will share your story.

It is fantastic that so many people are once again talking about school meals and the important role they play in a child’s education and development.

The NSMW Team are here to support you, if you have any stories and photographs please get in touch and we can share them. Contact admin@laca.co.uk  or contact us on the socials below

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