What is national school meals week?
National School Meals Week is a promotional activity designed to raise the awareness of great school food served daily by professional caterers in school across England and Wales.
Who can get involved?
Anyone who has an interest in school food - schools, academies, suppliers to the industry, parents and children etc. Please enjoy reading through the website and follow us on all the social media platforms.
When is National School Meals Week?
National School Meals Week will be held on the 7th – 11th November 2022.
How can I get involved?
Click on the Get Involved page and follow the easy steps get your campaign underway.
What materials can you give me?
Visit the Resources Page for everything you need. Resources will be regularly uploaded.
I live outside the UK, can I join?
Yes, we would love to link up with any countries across the world to make this a global partnership – please get in contact.
When should I start planning my NSMW event?
As soon as possible, the 2022 resources to be launched at the end of the summer. Getting your events advertised is the first step to making it a success. Plan your menus and start to tell everyone about the dates. Don’t forget the resources section have themes and events you can run throughout the year, so visit the section and plan your marketing calendar.
I can't print the resources can you you help me?
We can print off material for you, there will be a small admin, print and postage cost for this as you would expect, call 01244 399900 for further information.
I have a large number of schools and would like someone to help me coordinate my event
We can help you plan, print en masse and offer an administration service sending everything directly to the schools for you. Call the NSMW team on 01244 399900 or send them an email with details of everything you need. We will get back with prices and a plan that will help you stage the perfect event.
Do I need to become a member of LACA?
No, however becoming a member does provide many benefits and gives you access to more of this site. Please visit www.laca.co.uk for membership packages.
Can you Help me with publicity?
Contacting the local press and radio is an excellent way to promote your event. There are free press releases on the Resources page leading up to, during and beyond the event and we do have PR specialists who can assist if required.
We are a company that would like to get involved, can we?
Of course – call 01244 399900 where we can advise you of the packages available and how you can become a part of the most important event in the school meals calendar.

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